Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Temples, Deer Park, Guriasantha, and a goat...wearing a shirt

Yesterday was our last full day here and we spent it together doing some of the things that were on our "must do before leaving" list. We are heading out this afternoon on an overnight train to New Delhi. We have a couple days to explore that area before we fly to Munich, Germany to catch our flight to Boston (weather permitting, of course).

We visited a temple right down the street that was absolutely gorgeous and incredibly peaceful. I would've loved to have spent more time there, but our day was booked solid, so the visit was brief. Next we visited Deer Park, the sight of the Buddha's very first sermon. It was only 20 minutes walking distance away from CUTS and I had no idea it was so close or I would have been there sooner! After lunch we headed over to Guria and visited with the children at the school before going to a local mall and catching a Bollywood movie (2 and a half hours in Hindi with no subtitles, interesting to say the least). It was a very full day, and we had a great time together. I am definitely feeling a little homesick though and am excited to return back to the US. I posted a video of the school in the RL district before this entry, so check it out if you have time. Here are some pictures from yesterday... enjoy.

 It seems the goats wear more clothing than some of the children here. interesting. 

 Outside the temple, a beautiful 3D mural
 The temple down the road

 Inside the temple
 One of the walls to the side of the alter

 To get a sense of how massive the alter is, look at Carli and Karen kneeling on the floor to the left

 Manure briquettes, a booming business out here. They are dried in the sun and then sold and used as burning material
 The sign at Deer Park, under a Bodhi tree

 The monument at Deer Park

 A roadside Barbershop

 Lots of love at Guria

that's all I have for you today, I'm headed over to the hostel to pack up... See you soon!

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  1. Safe travels! You've been missed too! I can't wait to see you!