Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Day in Varanasi

We've done a lot in the past few days, including visiting the Catholic missionary health clinic down the road and Banares Hindu University (BHU). We're about to leave for another trip to BHU to meet the director of the University and talk about a panel discussion we will participate in on Saturday afternoon with some of the graduate students. A few pictures for your viewing enjoyment...

The nightly Arti ceremony on the Ganges

Yes, another goat. and yes, I am scared.

View of Arti from the Dolphin Rooftop restaurant (my fav so far)

At the Christian Missionary Health Center

More pictures of our room

The pharmacy where we went seeking information for the class

Indian Classical music concert

Karen and I...Yes, she finally made it!

Auto rickshaw!

The whole gang at BHU Med School

The director of community medicine

they have a women's college too!

The gates of BHU

Street vendor in Varanasi


Lunch at the Pizzaria... yes, PIZZA (thank GOD)

Anna and I at lunch

Karen Carli and I

Mmmmmm Diet Coke and hot fudge brownie! almost like in the US. Almost. (We're a little homesick)

Tonight is our final session with the girls here at the University and tomorrow we are touring BHU hospital and Maternal Health center. Will update again as soon as I can! I miss you all and cant wait to see you! Xo


  1. Onawa, this is fantastic! I just love seeing pictures and an update from you on my homepage in the morning. (Blogger linked right to igoogle) Pet a goat for me. Miss you bunches <3 Liz

  2. Pizza! LOL YAY! I think I'd be a bit homesick too but what an amazing experience to take part in. Dad has seen all pics and enjoyed very much...he laughed and was happy to see you having fun in that video! Miss you too! Sending hugs and much love to you Mom Oh, lani checks your blog daily too (? if I told you already)