Friday, December 31, 2010

You know you're a tourist when...

A Hindi family asks you to be in a picture with thier toddler. This was communicated entirely in hand gestures, and was a little frightening until we realized what they wanted. It became clear when the father pulled the camera out and pointed to an empty seat next to the child and motioned for us to sit. It was clearly a "baby's first white person" picture. Hilarious.

Carli and I ventured off on our own into Sarnath to do a little shopping yesterday afternoon. We came across a Buddhist Stoopa, used for prayer walking.

We also went to the a local silk shop and were promptly taken advantage of by paying double for a few items (we found this out after returning to the university). It was late when we left the shop and had gotten dark, so we took a rickshaw back to CUTS. For those of you who don't know, a rickshaw is a bicycle with a carraige (sort of) attached to the back. The driver sang to us all the way back to the school.

Last night before bed we rehearsed our performance fo the New Years Eve party we will be attending this evening. We have choreographed a number to Lady Gaga and based on the rehearsal last night, will be a riot. Perhaps I will post some photos...or even a video!
Hope you're all well... Heres some more photos:

The courtyard of the Library at CUTS

At the phone stand down the street, next to the Chai stand

The Buddhist stoopa I told you about


This is where I am staying, the girl's hostel. And mom, its gated in, and theres a curfew. 8pm.

Carli in our bedroom. Thos are mosquito nets the girls put up for us. So thoughtful...

On Campus

I love this tree.

I hope you are all well, and that you have a happy and SAFE New Years Eve.

All my love,


  1. Hi sweetie, I must tell you your messages & pics are a our daily gifts :) Thank you! Lady Gaga, lmao, of all the music to pick! :D I'd love to see that! Then think when that little one grows up I can just hear it now..."And this is when the white girls came to town" LOL Gated and 8PM curfew sounds right for you ...just kidding :D Much love and hugs to you! Oh, saw Tracy, Caddie and children tonight..briefly we met her in Brattleboro to drop Bren to her for New Years overnight. This is my first New Years at home in 3 years! (Past 3 I've been at work house..working) Nice to be home with Dad! Once again, Happy New Year to you! Mom & Dad

  2. Onawa, it is a joy to read this blog and follow your adventures. I posted a link on the HCC facebook page...maybe current students will see this and glimpse the wonders that can unfold in our lives. Blessings and good health on your journey!