Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sarnath Medical Clinic

This morning's outing included a visit to the clinic where we were given a tour and then sat in on some patients being treated. We plan to go back on Monday and volunteer.

Tibetan Health Clinic

Delicious...(How do you turn the pics right-side-up?)

 There will be 50,000 people here at CUTS the second week of January for the Dalai Lama's teaching on Buddhist theory. The staff are building a gigantic tent to house the crowd.

Those kettles are for Chai... I think.

The Tibetan Herb Garden

Our plans for the evening include consulting with a Tibetan Student who is fluent in English on our project and then heading to a local silk shop. Later this evening a yoga class is being offered and then the girls and I will relax and hopefully meet some more of the Tibetan students here on campus.

Love you all :)



  1. Dad & I are loving the pics and info :) Great thinking to have set this up! I see your camera works very well...keep the pics coming. That 3D artwork is so gorgeous and amazing. Keeping you in our thoughts & hearts with much love, Mom & Dad

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Hugs and Love Mom & Dad